Monday, March 30, 2015

permits and paint colors

Well this past week has not been the most exciting one.  There is a lot of work getting done, I'm not complaining.  But it is not the kind of things that make a great impact on pictures.  

The plumbing and electrical systems have all been updated and inspected and though that is not exciting, it is important.  Also the overhang on the outside roof line has all been redone which again looks great and is important.  The glass in the downstairs windows has been repaired and get the picture.

I have been obsessing over wall colors which sucks because I don't have my proper lighting, my window covering or any furniture for frame of reference and I still have to make decisions of what colors to paint the walls. I have found out that whites and grays are the hardest colors to choose because they look total different in different lighting.  Also I had hoped to save the wood paneling in the den but it is not staining evenly and there are still some shadows of the pictures my dad hung there in the same place for 54 years.

My biggest decision this week is that I have decided to carpet the basement.  I'm doing office type low pile commercial stuff.  I think I'll go with Edwards Carpet here in St. Louis, locally owned and highly recommended.  I will wait to install it until the work is done.

I'm still considering the fireplace.  Now I've decided to move it to the living room.  It would be a modern ethanol burning model.  I've blocked it out in painters tape to get an idea of the size to order.  But I'll wait till the place has furniture in it to make a final decision.  I'm not sure where it should go.  My contractor promised to come back and hang it for me,

This week the kitchen counter tops go in the the bathrooms are being worked on. 

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