Wednesday, May 16, 2012

six necklaces

Tribal Necklace

  I have been in the studio the last couple of weeks trying out some new things while also clinging to the past.  The result is six finished pieces.  Some you may recognize, like the "Floral Lentil Necklaces" and the "Ring of Periwinkles Necklace", these styles are popular at shows.   I experimented with some new designs which I strung the metal clay elements on bead wire with gemstones and Hill tribe silver.  Both of these necklaces are 16" shorter styles with motifs that encircle the entire neck.  The "Tribal Necklace" combines hand cut silver tab beads with faceted Indian rubies.  The "Spiky Necklace" is just as it sounds.  A series of hand formed silver spike beads, in various sizes, with small Hill Tribe silver beads in between.  I have Test driven (worn) these styles and they are pretty comfortable to wear, so no worries!
I also attempted a working locket style, which I think is a bit rough around the edges, but I guess that's part of the charm?  Maybe, I don't know.
Spiky Necklace

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I made some things for my girls!

You know the old saying, the shoemakers children never have shoes, well it's sort of like that with me.  I hardly wear any of my new jewelry, because its all priced and in little plastic bags, and my kids almost never wear the jewelry I make.  They have their excuses, Abby doesn't like to wear jewelry and Tamara wants post earrings and I don't have those.

So I decided to make somethings just for my girls, a hair clip for Abby (not jewelry) and post earrings for Tamara.  Here are the results.