Thursday, July 30, 2015

the bedrooms

The Simon Cousins circa 1968?

We spend more time in our bedrooms then in any other room in the house.  Unfortunately my dad did not take a lot of pictures of these rooms.  Dad didn't like candids, he liked posed pictures and preferred to take those in a more formal room.  I did manage to find a picture of my niece Dena, jumping on her grandparents bed!  I also found this picture of the Chicago and St. Louis cousins taken in my bedroom, I know because I recognize the artwork on the wall!

This house has three bedrooms.  The first is the smallest, it belonged to my brother Josh as a kid.

It became a guest room/office as the years went by. Basically it was a cramped dark mess.  It actually had this weird printed wallpaper on the closet doors which my mom added in the 1970's.  And that was the most exciting thing about the room.

My older daughter Abby, who leaves to go to college next month was awarded this room.  She was agreeable as long as we could make the room brighter and happier.


I added white wood blinds and a antique chandelier with lots of bulbs. 

Unfortunately most of her room has been taken over stuff for college!

Ugh! This is not what my bedroom looked like when I was growing up.  It is what it became the one time my mother had an interior designer come in to transform this room.  Pink ceiling, wallpaper edging, balloon shades, all I can say is that this room was clearly the ugliest room in the house.  

The room has good bones.  Its large and has lots of lights and good closets.

This room went to Tamara and she wanted purple walls.

Tamara traded up for a queen size bed.  Her furniture is a mix of rustic wood and metal and a bit of silver metal leaf. (I did it myself)

I think the Anthropologie quilt she picked ties it all together.

Ok, one more retro picture, this one from 1962.  That's my brother and I on my parents very old bed.  The room was always set up the same way.
Here is the before.

I changed the position of the bed in the room so I had a wall to put the TV.  Of course I got rid of the heavy drapery.  The furniture is what I already owned.  It's sort of a British Colonial vibe. There are a couple of copper leaf pieces in this room that I also created.

Here is my tiny master bathroom. It now has a marble shower, new vanity, mirrors, medicine chest and toilet.  Just big enough to fit everything perfectly.

I kept the old floor tile. Hail to the 1950's!


Friday, July 24, 2015

Living and Dining-the big reveal

This is what most of the people that have ever been to my parents house remember, the holiday dinners.  Shabbat, Rosh Hashana, Thanksgiving and of course Peasch, and don't forget ever other holiday in between even the Jewish ones you had never heard of.  My mom cooked a delicious dinner and my dad hosted a wonderful night. I hope that I can continue that tradition.

This is what the grand living and dining room combination looked like when my mom moved out.  It is a striking room, loaded with afternoon light and with a fantastic sloped ceiling with hidden lighting. 

I decided to keep the layout similar to the original.  I just simplified color palette and got rid of the flowery wallpaper.



Here I am about 5 years old sitting on the very long white and gold couch. The couch that was then replaced with a plain gold couch.  
Here are my parents on that couch.....

Here is my brother... Josh sorry don't hate me!

I replaced the couch with a couple of easy chairs and a very modern ethanol fireplace.  It is really cool looking.  It does not need venting , but it does not give off very much heat.
Basically its just for the ambiance. I think that it gives this room another purpose.  It is a place for entertaining and snuggling by the fire.

The built in room divider that separates the front door from the rest of the house seemed the perfect place to put a bar.  The bookcase showcases my silver candlestick collection.  The bar is housed in an old mission style dresser.  
My piano is in the same place that my parents had put our old piano and the electric organ after that.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

family room-the big reveal

Call it a Family room or Den, it is the center of all family activity in the house.  Growing up this is where we gathered to watch TV at night.  Its where my mom served cut up hot dogs (hor d'oeuvres) before dinner and the adults had a cocktail.  For me it is where I began my career as an artist.  Right there on the den floor!

 Here is the way that the room looked when I got it.

My Mom occupied the recliner just as my Dad did years before.

The pictures hanging on the wall were just as they had been in 1963 after my parents trip to Europe. So, when I took them down.....
This happened!

So for the reno I had to have the wood wall painted. I replaced the two sliding glass doors  (yes, they had two sets on top of each other) with one efficient siding door. I also decided to change the whole layout of the room making the TV wall the wall opposite the window where the sofa had previously been.

One of the most noticeable transformation in this room is the window treatment on the sliding glass door wall.  Thank to Gail Schaeffer at Window Concepts for helping find these modern solar panel track shades, which transform the room.

I found this gorgeous rug at Dolnick's going out of business sale.

Great accessory tray from Home Goods.

This bunny pillow is from Local St. Louis Artist. Maggie Weelock.  I got it a Urban Matter in South St. Louis.  The sconce is from West Elm.

And my bright green painted student desk that was rescued from my brother's old bedroom is tucked away in the corner.