Monday, April 25, 2011

new mezuzah

My latest mezuzah case takes the form of a house.  The original texture of the walls of the home I created myself.  It is a wallpaper like pattern of flowers reminiscent of the arts an craft movement in the late 1800's.  I also included a raised scroll design.  There are three arched windows, one of which is open so one can see the scroll that would be put inside the mezuzah.  A dormer juts from the left wall of the structure and a chimney is on the roof.  But the most spectacular part of the mezuzah case is the door, which I made tiny silver hinges when opened reveals in Hebrew, the word,"Shema". 

As usual, piece is one of a kind, fine silver.

Friday, April 8, 2011

the price of silver :(

I just checked the price of silver and it is hovering just below $40 an ounce.  The cost of silver has sky rocketed in the last year, with no sign of slowing down.  The predictions on just how high it will go are frightening!  I regrettably, have had to adjust my prices accordingly.  I love to work in silver and would like to continue to do so.  I hope that my customers will understand the what I have to do in order to be able to function in this market.   Silver clay or PMC, is nearly twice as expensive as sterling silver.  But the wonderful detail and technique I am able to achieve with this medium is definitely worth the price.  Some metal clay artist are switching to copper or bronze clays.  So far I have been disappointed in my results in this medium.  But I will continue to explore the possibilities.

 I hope that you will drop by my shop and check out what things I have been working on.  I just completed a couple of new yads and I now can personalize your yad in both English and Hebrew!