Wednesday, February 22, 2012

bronze mezuzah

I have exciting news.  I now have a mezuzah available in bronze!  One of my handcrafted solid silver designs has been caste in a more affordable rich warm bronze.  The original silver mezuzah I created has been made into a mold and then caste in bronze.  Not only is it less expensive, but it also is a gorgeous color and it will not tarnish, so it can be used outdoors.
 I am premiering this design at the Moriah Congregation art fair this weekend in Deerfield, Illinois (see previous post for details).  It will retail for $120.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

spice box necklace and Chicago show

I have been adding some different styles in pendents lately based on the feedback I got at the URJ show.  I crested the "spice box" necklace.  It is basically a slightly larger secret keeper necklace with lots of holes in it.  I fill the vial with cloves, but any fragrant spice or herb will do.  I also made some temple building which look like miniature versions of my mezuzot but open up, so you can put anything small you like inside.

These items are not in the Etsy shop, but they will be, with me, at the Moriah Congregation Judaica show in Deerfield, Illinois next weekend.  I would love any Chicago area friends to come by and check out this biennial juried Judaica show, which features more than 50 artists.  Moriah Congregation is located in Deerfield at 200 Taub Avenue.  The hours of the show are as follows:
Saturday 2/25   8:00pm-11:30pm
Sunday   2/26   10:00am-5:00pm
Monday 2/27    9:00am-1:00pm

Monday, February 6, 2012

the story of the needle case

original needle keeper
my new version

shown open

About 25 years ago, I was a sweater designer visiting the Orient a few times a year to work with factories. Most of the time, I was in Hong Kong, and most often I was in some bland office working, but every so often, we would get a chance to get out and explore the city.  I don't actually remember where I acquired the case, it may have been on an out of the way street market, or it could have been in a fancy antique store in the vast shopping malls.  But I do remember that I had never seen anything like it.  It was not expensive, it may not even be silver.  But, it is beautiful.
I wear the needle keeper from time to time.  It is always noticed, always a conversation starter.  It has been the inspiration for many of my own creations, like the tiny secret keeper necklaces.  I finally decided to make a more literal version of the necklace.  My own design is constructed just like the original, though slightly smaller.  It also has a skinny leather cord.  I used my own floral textures for the design and added applique silver flowers.  It is of course fine silver.
The first time I wore it it was noticed.  It's been purchased and is gone.....until I make another incarnation.