Saturday, November 16, 2013

what's happening

Well, I haven't posted in a while.  That's because I have been super busy in the studio working and preparing for some wonderful shows.

In December (11-15), I am in San Diego for the Union of Reform Judaism Biennial.  This convention is incredible.  The spirit of the people attending is so exciting and uplifting.  Oh, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be speaking.  I am selling my Judaica and Jewelry (retail) at the Biennial's exhibition hall.  But if your temple have a gift shop I will have information on purchasing wholesale.  I have packed up my boxes with all my displays to be shipped out.  I now I am making lots of original pieces to sell at the show, and yes, the leather bracelets will be available!

I also just got my Booth assignment for NY Now in February.  I will be in the Handmade section at the Javits Center in booth #9451.  This wholesale only show is the best in the country.  So if you are a store or gallery, please come by and see my line.  I have so many exciting things.

This is a men's version of my studded star.  It comes on a 20" heavier ball chain.  People have been asking for men's Mogan David's so I am hoping that everyone likes this.  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Leather Bracelets

I sell to a lot of small gift shops in temples and they are always asking me to make something more affordable.  Ok, cheaper-but with the same style and quality all my pieces. So last month I was tinkering around in the studio, trying to come up with another great Bat Mitzvah gift.  I remembered that my daughters always come home from camp with an arm load of friendship bracelets, that they made or traded.  The bracelets stay on until they inevitably fall apart, and off.  They are really cool and a bit bohemian.  I really like them, so I see do many high end jewelry designer, so why not make a Jewish version.
I found a great American made company that makes leather cording in great colors.  I designed a bunch of silver charms, a chai, star, heart, hamsa and a shalom charm.  After a lot of experimentation I decided on a double strap design with a silver button closure. 

I'm still experimenting on the colors I should offer.  I've showed them to a couple shops and they have really liked them.  So Im making more and will have them on had for the URJ show in San Diego in December.

They are about $32-$34 retail. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Niche Award Finalist 2014

I checked my email this morning and I was delighted to find that my Freedom Mezuzah was chosen as a Niche Award Finalist in the Judaica catagory.

I created the piece especially for an exhibit at the Museum of ImaJewnation last year in St. Louis, called Freedom Imagined, Freedom Lived.  Here is my Artist Statement about the piece.

Freedom Mezuzah
Rachel Kranzberg Miller
Fine Silver

We were slaves in Egypt, imprisoned and forced to build the temples and mausoleums for Egyptian Gods and Pharaohs.  The pyramid shape and hieroglyphics texture represents this. The doorway, recounts the connection between the lamb’s blood on the lintel and door posts of the Israelite homes in Egypt on the night of the exodus, protecting the Jews from the 10th plague-- the killing of the firstborn in Egypt.  The Ten Commandments are represented at the top of the piece, the ultimate prize for the Children of Israel.  Inside the Hebrew script texture provides a safe and loving home for the scroll.  For me, the Jewish home is the most important element in my life and my art.

This mezuzah, unlike most traditional Mezuzot, opens and unlocks, from the front, thereby allowing one to free the scroll from its home and examine or study the text inside.  

The Niche Awards are given out by Niche Magazine, as an award for excellent in fine crafts for American and Canadian Artists.  

The Mezuzah was purchased by the Karma Fine Crafts in Newton, Mass. and is available for purchase as well as many other creations from Rachel Kranzberg Miller

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In the Etsy Shoppe

I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a while.  I have been super busy.  First, there was the Buyers Market.  It was so great to meet so many of you retailers and make new friends and contacts along the way.  Then, it was Passover, and I was so busy cleaning and then cooking.  The sedars were great!  Now I am finally settling down and getting down to business, filling orders, and preparing for my next big wholesale show this August in New York City.
I will be part of New Yorks Newest, which is the new vendor part of the New York Gift Show.  My booth will be at Pier 94, not the Javis Center.  But if you are a Retailer looking for new talent it is the place to be.  I plan on bringing a lot of secular jewelry to the show.  I am working on some great one of a kind pieces.
Meanwhile, my Etsy shop is full of the Bronze Mezuzahs casts from my silver originals
and much more affordable! Check them out, they make great housewarming and wedding gifts.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

five more weeks

In just five weeks I am off to the Buyer's Market of American Crafts in Philadelphia, my first wholesale show.  I've been super busy creating order forms, invoices, line sheets, labels, advertising and marketing materials.  It's been a real learning experience for me.  Here is a sneak peek at the pictures and sign that will hang in my booth.

I have also been working on my line and samples.  I basically have two groups of things I am showing.  Of course I have my fine silver one of a kind Mezuzots, Yads and Jewelry.  But I also have a select group of Mezuzahs and Jewelry which is cast from the original designs and can be ordered in multiplies.  The designs have been coming back from the caster these last few weeks and they look really nice.  I am very excited about this new venture which could really expand by business.

 My ad in the Winter edition of Niche magazine is out and I have already gotten a lot of inquires and orders.  This makes me even more excited for the BMAC show!