Thursday, October 30, 2008

my work space is not working out

I have begun work on my PMC Mezzazah project. It's coming along very slowly. I have a lot of challenges working with this clay. But lately my biggest frustration has been with my work space. Many years ago a purchased an old wooden drafting table at a yard sale. It is full of character and patina, but alas I must confess it has never been a good table for me. It is off square, wobbly, and it slopes downward so that my tool always roll off the table. I have tried to fix the problem but nothing is working for me. I think that I need to re think the whole studio work space and redesign it. I spent most of yesterday losing bits of clay and tools. I think I may have to swipe the kid's computer desk/table and use a card table for the computer. I refuse to buy anything new right now. I will dismantle the drafting table once again and put it away. If any one wants a old drafting table with plenty of character, and nothing else, let me know.

Here's the mezzuzah so far. I'm still building it, but I may fire it today. It is nothing like I envisioned in the beginning, which I guess is how things go with silver clay.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Andrew Raftery

If you are in New York city this month, take time to visit the Mary Ryan Gallery at 527 West 26th street. There is a show featuring the works of master engraver and artist Andrew Raftery. Now only are Andrew's engraving technical perfection, but this unique perspective on modern life is both fascinating and refreshingly humorous. Andrew takes a traditional media and makes it relevant today, they are true originals.
I am glad to know Andrew personally, and count him as a good friend. He continually inspires me whenever we speak. Thanks Andrew, I wish I could be there in person!

300 origami lilies

I have finished making all the 300 lilies,enough for at least 15 centerpieces. The next step is to add the 22 floral wire stem. I have decided to wrap the stem with floral tape where it attaches to the flower. I find that the flowers tear easily and the tape reinforces them. This process won't take as long, it only takes about 30 seconds to complete this step.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween in Williamsburg?

In June the girls and I visited Williamsburg. We rented colonial clothes one day for Tamara, age 9, to wear. She loved the experience. So for her Halloween costume I promised to recreate for her a Colonial era dress. Here is my attempt, made from grandma's old bed sheet. I think I'll add some bow trims.

end of summer

Summer is still hanging on her in St. Louis, Today was an absolutely perfect day. Here is a beautiful late blooming rose from my garden, visited by a bee. As once was wrote to me, "Late blooming rose, all alone, taken home, most special."

Sunday, October 5, 2008

forever flowers

Here is my first attempt at the centerpieces for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. Each of them is made galvanized steel wire (from Home Depot), floral wire, origami paper, rolled up magazines, sand and 4 wine bottles. There are 18 origami lilies on this centerpiece. I think the prototype turned out pretty good, bit the lilies are fragile and tend to tear around the wires they are attached with. I think I will have to additionally wrap each flower base with floral tape. This is another time consuming set, but it has to be done. To those of you who are wondering, I have completed 170 lilies as of tonight!