Friday, January 28, 2011

new work- stars

This week has been very busy for my mom.  She's sculpted, put together, fired, oxidized, and polished seven new star necklaces.  I really like these stars in particular because my mom used some new textures she made, so they're very unique.  My favorite new star necklace is the one that uses the texture with the vines, scrolls, and pomegranates.  From far away, it just looks like pretty swirls and lines, but close up, you can see the detail very well.  I also like the star with the double layer and the star.  It's simpler, but it also has the Hebrew letters in the background, which adds a really elegant design. 

You can find many of the new necklaces on her Etsy Page.

Abby Miller

Sunday, January 23, 2011

festival of jewish life

I have been asked to be a part of a presentation and discussion on Jewish art with three other local artists.  This is all part of The St. Louis Rabbinical Association's Festival of Jewish Life which takes place January 29-February 3rd.  There are lots of very interesting and impressive lectures, demonstrations,  films and workshops at the event.  Tickets are $20 for the whole series which gets you into most events, or $5 for individual events.

I'll be speaking Monday January 31 at 7pm along with Ilene Berman, Jeane Vogel and Helen Schwartz.  I'm sure we will all have a unique perspective on the art scene and how Judaism affects our work.  If you are interested in tickets or more information please go to festival website.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tamara's yad

My daughter's bat mitzvah is coming up in September and she has been studying and preparing for it.  I decide to create a very special personalized yad for her and give it to her now so that she could use it during her practice sessions.  She was so excited with the gift.  The yad has her name wrapped around it and also the date of her upcoming Bat Mitzvah.  I designed this yad with her personality in mind, with a whimsical top and a butterfly, which is a theme throughout her invitations and decorations for the lunch after the service. 
Personalized yads are always available in my etsy shop.  You can discuss exactly what you would want to include on this very special gift.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

mezuzuah project-2010

My completed year of Mezuzot for 2010......

2011 promises to be even better.