Thursday, September 25, 2008

happy new year

In honor of the upcoming Rosh Hashana holiday I am posting my "rocking" Jewish star necklace, which I created from PMC (silver). I've been wearing it alot recently and have gotten a lot of positive comments on it. Initially, I wasn't that happy with the design, but it's definitely growing on me. I think I will continue to develop this motif. I am also working on my next PMC project with will be a mezzuzah cover inspired by the Little Tower necklace.

Monday, September 22, 2008

100 paper origami lillies.....

only 200 more to go. Check back to see the progress on Abigail's Bat Mitzvah centerpieces.

Friday, September 12, 2008

my little island house

Well here is my new little silver tower necklace I created out of silver PMC clay. I love the way it turned out, but I am not sure I like which necklace chain I selected. It doesn't hang as gracefully as the previous tower necklace I made with the double chain necklace. Even so, I think it was a good attempt.

This clay is not easy to work with, and making it do what you want it to is not easy. I am struggling with it more than I thought I would. I know it takes practice, I just wish the clay was not as expensive as it is...but alas, it is pure silver.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

everyone has a cold this week...

so no time for any creativity. All we've been pretty much doing is watching TV and drinking lots of fluids. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow we will all feel better. Meanwhile enjoy this great article on this super cool house in Rhode Island. It's one of those places you've always wondered least I wonder about stuff like that.
Here's the link to the New York Times Article:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

why I love project runway.....

So in my previous life I was a sportswear and knitwear designer in New York, and let me tell you the Bravo show is nothing like real life. Those designers on Project Runway do way more stuff than any one designer I ever met or worked with. These guys have to know how to drape, sew, fit on a model, they have to select appropriate fabric, buy the right amount of fabric and notions and all this in an incredible short time frame. I give kudos to all the talented designer on this show, they will never work this hard again.
That being said, I love to watch this show, and now that I have a DVR, I don't have to miss it. Here are my predictions for whom I think should win at this time....This season the guys all suck so I think the final three are going to be Kenley, Korto and Leanne. Now personally I hate Kenley, but for some reason, the judges like her and she will probably last a while. I think her 1940's aesthetic is alittle tired. Right now I can't decide between Korto and Leanne. Leanne is a real design driven designer and is winning alot of challenges lately. Korto makes everything look easy with great wearable sportswear looks. I think Leanne is funny cause she looks all innocent but she is pretty much a bitch, but I like her anyway. We shall see, hopefully it will be a girl on girl finale at Bryant Park.