Sunday, April 22, 2012

custom work

I'm finally back in the studio after a month or so of being busy with everyday life.  I went on an awesome vacation with my kids, and I am pretty sure I am ready for another one soon.  Next time I should not wait so long.  After the trip it was time to prepare for Passover, which was my favorite holiday when I was a kid, but is the one I dread most as an adult.  It's just a lot of work!  The sedars ended up going well and everyone had a wonderful time, and is well year.

So I am busy now catching up on some custom orders.  I made two personalized Yads, and a special personalized needle case necklace.  The later I made with a new technique I learned in a Craftcast online class from Donna Penoyer.  I really recommend taking these online classes if you are serious about learning metal clay techniques and don't have local classes.  Here they are just out of the kiln before polishing and patina.