Tuesday, November 8, 2011

questions answered

I've been doing some local St. Louis craft show and I get a lot of comments and questions from people.

What are you doing here?  This is a craft fair.
Well That's true, my things are more artwork then craft and the prices are a reflection of that, but most of the local fairs I participate in are in Temples and Synagogue.  That a good place to meet Jewish people who are more likely to purchase my mezuzahs, yads and Jewish star necklaces.  Even though they may not be interested in buying anything today, they will take my card and remember me when they want to get a special gift or piece for themselves.

Is everything you make Jewish?
No it is not.  I make a lot of jewelry.  My fine silver jewelry is a reflection of my personal style and aesthetic.  I like jewelry that is causal.  I am a former sportswear designer so I keep current with the trends and try to incorporate styles that are up to date but still stand the test of time.
There are a lot of wonderful Jewelry Artists out there who work in PMC.  One reason that I started to concentrate on making Judaica is to keep myself unique and find a niche in the market.  Of course, through that process, I found I was able to express myself even more creatively and making the Judaica became my focus.

Your stuff is so beautiful, why are you not showing at Laumeier or the St. Louis Art Fair in Clayton?
Well, first of all thank you.  I really appreciate that you like my work.  I would love to be a part of those shows, but there is a short answer on why I am not.  I do not have a booth.  A proper tent (booth) with lights and display costs $2000-$4000.  In order to be considered for these shows you must have a picture of your booth in your application.  These shows are juried and the competition is fierce, especially in the Jewelry category.  So you must have a professional display and booth to be considered, and no you can't just rent one.  Buy my work and I will invest in the booth, I promise.

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