Sunday, August 31, 2008

catch up day

Today my girls were with their dad so I had some time to devote to my jewelry work. I am making several pieces out of the precious metal clay (PMC) which I fired last week. When I work I tend to work on several pieces at once and I create a big mess on my workspace. First I work harden the PMC pieces by pounding them with a hammer. Then I add ant fine silver components, using my new torch to fuse the links. Finally, I add sterling wire wrapped gemstone components. I worked all afternoon and evening and the time just flew by. I finally just stopped cause I cut my finger on the bench block....ouch!

Here is the silver multi-heart necklace I am working on. It is inspired by a necklace which I made several years ago. This Y-style necklace was made from an old sterling silver charm bracelet that my dad gave me when I was a little girl. He said the bracelet had belonged to my grandmother. The hearts on the bracelet were very banged up, but I saved what I could and created the necklace. The new PMC heart necklace has 9 pure silver hearts which I created out of the silver clay.

I still have oxidize the metal and final polish it. Check back and I will post the finished necklace.

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