Tuesday, July 8, 2008

pair of pears

This awesome painting was painted by my 11 year old daughter Abby. She took a course this summer at Maryville University. It's a really wonderful program taught by working artists and educators. It reminded me of my freshman year core program at Boston U, except no critique, only encouragement. She loved the camp especially drawing and painting. I love the unique way she chose to focus on just a part of the still life, it shows how she is already designing and thinking like an artist. And of course it, it celebrates her love of all things, fruit!

Abby also got really into metalsmithing, sound familiar. She is away at camp and I miss her so much. I took this painting, as well as a pen and ink drawing to Art Mart to get framed. I can't wait to display it.
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Josh said...

That's an amazing painting. OK, I admit I'm a little biased, but still.