Thursday, July 10, 2008

I made it out of clay

Well, not exactly clay. I used PMC or Precious Metal Clay which is actually fine silver-99% pure silver. I made these pieces at a workshop I took with metal smith artist Kate McKinnon. Kate lived in St. Louis for a while and now is based in Tucson. She was in town for a quick visit and did this workshop, it was a real treat. I decided to take the plunge and really give this medium a go. I really like working with it and I love the gutsy silver pieces you can make with it. This means I can make my own original pendents, charms, links-anything!

Today was a bit of a disappointment. I did an initial tumbling of the pieces and planned to patina them with liver of sulfur. But my liver of sulfur had oxidized and gone bad so I have to get some more before I can finish working the pieces.

These components will become a two necklaces a ring shank and a bracelet. I'll post pictures when I can. Wait till you see the chain link I'm working on.
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LLYYNN said...

Rachel, these turned out great, wasn't the class great. Your little house is especially neat. If you need more liver of sulphur let me know, I have a bunch.

Blogger said...
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