Sunday, July 27, 2008


Summer is great, but always about this time when I look a little forward to school starting again. This week promises to be another when I don't get alot accomplished, but the girls and I have a really good time.

Tamara took a KidzArt class last week and as you can see she is very talented. The theme was Caribbean, hence the pirate pictures. I was a little reluctant about this course because the kids copy alot of the pictures from what the teacher displays on the board. But I have to say, Tamara really enjoyed the class. The kids stay very focused and develop alot of basic skills. I think Tamara gained alot of confidence in her drawing this week. Her teacher recognized she was very creative and encouraged her.

My niece Alena is in town this weekend visiting. Isn't she adorable? The girls are really enjoying having her and their Uncle Josh here for a visit.

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Francesca said...

All three of them are adorable! Wish I could be there too.

Aunt Francie