Friday, July 24, 2015

Living and Dining-the big reveal

This is what most of the people that have ever been to my parents house remember, the holiday dinners.  Shabbat, Rosh Hashana, Thanksgiving and of course Peasch, and don't forget ever other holiday in between even the Jewish ones you had never heard of.  My mom cooked a delicious dinner and my dad hosted a wonderful night. I hope that I can continue that tradition.

This is what the grand living and dining room combination looked like when my mom moved out.  It is a striking room, loaded with afternoon light and with a fantastic sloped ceiling with hidden lighting. 

I decided to keep the layout similar to the original.  I just simplified color palette and got rid of the flowery wallpaper.



Here I am about 5 years old sitting on the very long white and gold couch. The couch that was then replaced with a plain gold couch.  
Here are my parents on that couch.....

Here is my brother... Josh sorry don't hate me!

I replaced the couch with a couple of easy chairs and a very modern ethanol fireplace.  It is really cool looking.  It does not need venting , but it does not give off very much heat.
Basically its just for the ambiance. I think that it gives this room another purpose.  It is a place for entertaining and snuggling by the fire.

The built in room divider that separates the front door from the rest of the house seemed the perfect place to put a bar.  The bookcase showcases my silver candlestick collection.  The bar is housed in an old mission style dresser.  
My piano is in the same place that my parents had put our old piano and the electric organ after that.

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