Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a work in progress

Well, my daughter's Bat Mitzvah is behind us (she was awesome, by the way) so it is time for me to concentrate fully on my metalwork.  There are a lot of changes in the works, a new logo and branding, a new website, and probably a new destination for this blog.  It's a lot of work, both inside and outside the studio.  I've been constructing some new awesome mezuzot and yads and some have been snatched up even before I could post them or add them to my etsy shop.   I am mostly preparing for a big show in December.  It is in Maryland at the URJ Convention, Union for Reform Judaism.  But I have some local St. Louis shows coming up in the next couple months.  So I better get back down to the basement studio and start creating!! The I hope to unveil what I have been working on in the next few weeks.  Please stay tuned.  I plan to return, even better.
I want to post a picture, but seriously I haven't actually photographed my work for months..... so much to do, so little time.

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