Sunday, December 12, 2010

Do you want to learn to create with silver metal clay?

Well, now is your chance.  I am offering up a two part course in the basics of silver metal clay with me at my basement studio.  During the first day (about 2 hours or so) you will be introduced to this exciting medium.  I will teach you basic skills that will allow you to create unique charms.  You will learn how to roll out and texture clay, make a mold and make a 3 dimension piece.  Then I will fire the pieces and the next day we will learn to polish, patina and finish the charms and then add them to a necklace with gemstone accents.  The class is $165 person and includes a 28 gram pack of fine silver clay, a sterling silver ball chain necklace and the use of silver wire and many of the gemstones in my studio.  I will provide you the use of all my tools at the studio and of course let you know where you can get everything you will need should you decide to continue to create with metal clay on your own.  Classes are only for adults and are limited to only 2 students at a time. If you are interested, please email me and I can schedule at your convenience.

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