Sunday, May 30, 2010

emc charm swap

The wonderful group of artists that I am a part of (etsy metal clay team) recently had a charm swap.  22 artists participated and each of us created 24 identical charms (or close to identical) made from any kind of metal clay.  The swap means that each of us got each others charms and we have enough left to make 2 additional bracelets which will be auctioned off for charity.
When I received my package of charms I was overwhelmed at the talented group that I was a part of.  Each charm showcases the artists spirit and unique technique. I wanted to make a bracelet that reflected the handmade charms.  Luckily, Catherine Witherell, posted a great tutorial on the emc blog so I followed the directions and made this fine silver fused link bracelet.  I made it exactly like the tutorial except I used heavier 16 gauge wire.  I really loved the way it turned out.  It looks great with all the charms. 
I loved the look so much I decided to make more chain so that I could them attach the bracelet to it and turn it into a necklace.


PeculiarForest said...

Wow, what a great idea to turn it into a necklace! I might have to do that too if I ever get around to making the chain. :)

Surf Jewels said...

Love this idea, such a nice way 2 make a piece of jewellery.

Handmade Jewellery

Anonymous said...

I want one! You have the coolest jewelery. ERIN

Bev ~ MangoTango Designs said...
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Bev ~ MangoTango Designs said...

What a great idea, Rachel! Never occurred to me to do that. Now I might have to!