Sunday, March 21, 2010

the mezuzah project-march

For my March mezuzah I decided to make a mezuzah that looks more like an actual house and less like a  traditional mezuzah.  The stone texture is unique as I created it myself and made my own texture sheet and mold.  This literal design approach is a little different than some of my previous designs. I'm not sure how it fits in with my other work, but it was challenging and fun to make.
You may notice the beautiful professional photograph of the piece.  I had some pieces photographed by local St. Louis photographer Don Casper, who did a beautiful job.  I hope to use these pictures to get into Juried shows and professional associations.  Thanks to Don Kelly, a wonderful silversmith artist, who has helped me with these pictures and connected me with Don Casper.


Algernon Wilmot, 3rd Viscount Wilmot said...

sleep, my little one, sleep!...


Erin said...

YEA! It's SO beautiful. When can I buy one??? My little sun room has been waiting for a Rachel mezuzah since I moved in.

Anonymous said...

okay, your stuff is fabulous! my friend (and yours) Deena Bearman Becker sent me your link...really awesome work. I'm an art whore in Birmingham, any kind of art for money! I've realized i'm A.D.D. so it works for me!
I'm sending your link to a friend of mine in Atlanta who works in silver and a friend of mine in Austin who also works in silver...
Really terrific stuff!
Betsy Marks (

Rachel Kranzberg Miller said...

Erin- Yes you can buy the mezuzah!

Betsy- enjoy the blog and visit often, I would love for you to see what I am up to and maybe inspire you. Feel free to pass on the link to anyone.