Thursday, February 12, 2015

so many decisions, so little time

This week was a stressful one.  I spent three and a half hours at Home Depot ordering tile, vanities, countertops, sinks and faucets. I had sourced everything in person and through the website.  My contractor Bob gave me all my measurements. I had my samples and my computer printouts of everything I wanted to order and with the help of Jason, the awesome design consultant at the Home Depot everything got ordered.  Still, it took three and a half hours. 

What did I learn?  Home Depot has awesome stuff, but most of the awesome stuff is not in the store. You have to look on the website.  The stuff in the store  is builders grade and good for a fast remodel.  I want something a little more custom, but not too crazy expensive.  Bob suggested I check out bathroom vanities that included sinks and tops and I was able to find a couple that fit perfectly in my two remodeled bathrooms.  I got lucky with the tile and was able to find floor tile for the kitchen in store.  I went for Carrera marble in one bathroom and white subway tile in the other.  I ordered all metal Kohler faucets for all the sinks and showers.

Then I was off to Appliance Discounter in Ballwin.  OK, here is my shameless endorsement, Joe was awesome and gave me a great price on new appliances for my kitchen redo. I got my Bosch Dishwasher, a Samsung pantry door refrigerator, an LG wall oven and an Electrolux gas cooktop.  Yes they all match. And the cooktop and oven were from open boxes so I got a super great price.  I have to tell you that I researched brands, reviews and prices before I bought and I did good!

So I'm pretty much done shopping.  There are a couple of light fixtures to get, and they are the "jewelry" of the home so I better not go overboard.   I also have to decide on the type of fireplace I want for the Den.  I'm thinking ethanol.....any comments?

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wendy rosenzweig said...

You've done so much in a short time. So proud of you! Wendy