Thursday, November 15, 2012

new and exciting

First of all I have very exciting new!  I am a finalist for a Niche Award in Judaica, otherwise know as Jewish theme art and ritual items.  For those of you not familiar with Niche, it is an award given by the Buyer's Market of American Crafts, the foremost most important whole craft show in the United States.  Niche is the magazine which is read by most retailers who buy original art jewelry and crafts. The awards are quite prestigious.  I will be featured in Niche magazine, on their website, and be honored at the BMAC show in Philadelphia in February.  Right now the 2012 winners are still posted, once they change over the website I will let you know.

I decided to apply for the award last spring.  My feeling was that if Niche thought my work was worthy then it would be a sign for me to go to the next level.  This is exactly what I am doing.  I have designed a wholesale  line of Jewelery and Judaica that I am showing at the BMAC show.  The work is all cast from my original designs.  The jewelry is all in sterling silver and the Judaica (mezuzot and yads) will be available in antique bronze and white bronze.  I am so excited about this line.  My work has a unique voice which I feel has been missing in Judaica.  It is neither traditional nor ultra modern, but a mix of eclectic styles which is indicative of how many of modern Jewish households and people look like.  I will also be showing my original fine silver mezuzot.  They will be available for galleries

So right now and am embarking on a very busy and exciting couple of months.  I am preparing samples, pricing, making line sheets, preparing packaging ideas and designing a trade show booth.  Special thanks to all my friends and other artists out there that I have called on for their advice and encouragement.


David Gabrieli said...

Thanks for giving such a wonderful post on mezuzot. Mezuzot has more important things for Jewish occasion.

Taufique Hossain said...
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