Sunday, June 12, 2011


Well, it's Bat Mitzvah time for me again.  This time it's my daughter Tamara, who is an extraordinary artist.  She is very talented, but I am most impressed by her lack of restraint.  She always is coming up with a new and different way of looking at things.  I have to admit that I wish I had a bit more of this quality.  She does not always follow the "rules"which makes her work magical. 
Tamara designed original artwork for her invitations, and is now helping to create the centerpieces which will be used at the Luncheon following the Bat Mitzvah service.  We have decided to use butterflies to symbolize the metamorphosis that has occurred this past year as Tamara studies for and becomes at Bat Mitzvah.  Tamara created the colorful butterfly wings using window paint and copper wire.  I will fashion then into butterflies and then make then "fly" on branches (some of which come from our own garden).

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