Tuesday, October 26, 2010

mezuzah project-october

I'm just in time to post the October mezuzah.  I actually finished this mezuzah in the beginning of the month but didn't get around posting it until now.  This mezuzah was inspired by the floral lentil pendents that I have been making.  They are very popular (I actually only have one left to sell!)  I think it would be quite happy on a cottage style home, by a garden....oh it would really look good on my front door!

Well I have sad news, the quick fire bronze clay that I have been so excited about is not all that it seems.  I was happy to begin a new project in the bronze clay today and I went back to my test piece take a second look.   I decided to test it's strength, and I gentle tried to see if I could bend the metal and it snapped in half with very little effort.  I spend so much time constructing the mezuzahs.  If the bronze is not fully sinstered and therefore strong it ruins the integrity of the piece.  I don't have these problems with silver clay.  I know that the material is so much more expensive, but for the time, effort and skill needed to make the piece I think the price is worth it.  I am once again abandoning the bronze option.  I just wish that the companies that make these products not use the artists as testers before they release them. 

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