Thursday, August 19, 2010

setting goals

How do you work?  I like to set goals for myself.  Some goals are clearly not ones I will realistically be able to accomplish but I set them anyway.  Having a goal gets me on a schedule and gives me the drive I need to complete work.

I have a big show coming up in in November.  For a show you need enough work to make a nice display and give customers a chance to browse and select.  I recently purchased a large iron earring display which holds 75 pairs of earrings.  So the goal is to have at least 65 pairs available for sale.  And, I would love for them all to be different from each other....but that is the unrealistic part!  If I can have all my pieces for the show completed by the end of September then I will have the month of October to organize and style the display.

I have about 40 pairs of earrings completed, 15 more in clay state, drying and then off to the kiln, and 10 more to complete this weekend.   After the earrings, I will make more necklaces and bracelets.....but they take a lot longer to make!

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