Sunday, February 7, 2010

what is a yad?

Well, yad is the hebrew word for hand, and so a yad is actually a pointer, which is used when one reads from the torah scroll. 

I made this yad from PMC in silver.  I carved the pointer and made a decorative spirals for the finial.  I am also working on a version with a carved hand. And one that can be personalized.

It's a little funny to be that I am actually sculpting with the metal clay.  Sculpture was my least favorite subject in art school.  Funny how things turn out, Professor Shaun would be proud, well, probably not.

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Leah said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful! I love the handmade feel of each piece, and you accomplish a perfect blend of tradition with a modern twist. Don't give up the fight for your business to have an incredible talent!