Tuesday, August 25, 2009

pashmina tallit

Can you believe this beautiful tallit. It was made by my friend Sara Shapiro who has spent the last three years in India. Sara is a talented and gifted artist. She also a fellow allumnie of Boston University were she was studied weaving. Sara found these beautiful Indian pashminas that are also embrodried and beaded. She added squares and a collar piece in silk and then added the tzitit from threads she got in Israel. I am so honored to own this beautiful tallit, not only because it is so gorgeous, but also because it is made by someone I really admire. And yes. I'm gonna wear it at the Bat Mitzvah- it looks great with my dress!


silk tallit said...

Shawls are also religiously significant for some cultures like the Jewish “tallit” that is worn during synagogue services.

Samual said...

You are right here that tallit can be a beautiful gift to give someone.The custom of wearing a tallit varies from one ethnic community to another: