Sunday, March 1, 2009

working, working......

I've been busy this last week working on more PMC pieces for the Nishmah show at the end of March. I have sold some mezzuzahs and stars and I am really excited about the response I have been getting on the work. Have I decided to invents some money into PMC silver and make some more pieces. I built two little house towers, for long necklaces. I also made three additional stars and one more checkerboard mezuzah. Hopefully these will all fire successfully in the kiln tomorrow and I can finish working on them before the show. This picture shows the work before it is fired. It will shrink 10% or so in the kiln.
If I make any money at the show I will probably take some time and try to tackle the bronze clay again. Even though the mezuzahs did not fire well, people seem to love the look of them. I think with a little more patience and some different techniques I may be successful yet.

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