Friday, January 30, 2009

another failure

Well, only one of the mezuzah's survived. The rectangle one with the crackle finish is not a keeper. I was not crazy about how the crackle texture turned out. The piece was way too busy, and the construction, with the slanted roofs, was not sturdy enough and did not survive the brushing and hammering. It is my fault for not making sure the joints were strong during the building process. I have to admit that my heart was not in this piece. I don't think I loved the texture from the start and therefore did not take the care and patience required to finish this piece. I just wanted to make a diffferent version of the mezuzah. It shows in the finished project which I will not post, but instead send to the refinery to reclaim the silver.
The rounded wavey texture mezuzah came out perfect. It is a beauty. I will post it when I am done polishing.

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