Thursday, October 30, 2008

my work space is not working out

I have begun work on my PMC Mezzazah project. It's coming along very slowly. I have a lot of challenges working with this clay. But lately my biggest frustration has been with my work space. Many years ago a purchased an old wooden drafting table at a yard sale. It is full of character and patina, but alas I must confess it has never been a good table for me. It is off square, wobbly, and it slopes downward so that my tool always roll off the table. I have tried to fix the problem but nothing is working for me. I think that I need to re think the whole studio work space and redesign it. I spent most of yesterday losing bits of clay and tools. I think I may have to swipe the kid's computer desk/table and use a card table for the computer. I refuse to buy anything new right now. I will dismantle the drafting table once again and put it away. If any one wants a old drafting table with plenty of character, and nothing else, let me know.

Here's the mezzuzah so far. I'm still building it, but I may fire it today. It is nothing like I envisioned in the beginning, which I guess is how things go with silver clay.

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